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Green Ethnies is a Swiss company specialising in natural dietary supplements.

Through continuous in-depth analyses based on both traditional medicine and the most recent scientific discoveries, we strive to identify the natural extracts that are most suitable for use in dietary supplements.

For this purpose, we select natural botanical extracts, based on four criteria:

  1. They have made their mark on the history of traditional medicine, through centuries of use and their beneficial effects.
  2. Modern science has demonstrated their effectiveness in numerous scientific publications.
  3. They have a wide spectrum of action, and nutrients essential to the body: antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, minerals and micronutrients.
  4. As they are mutually complementary, they make up a coherent product range that both covers and supports the body’s main physiological systems (cardiovascular, digestive, neurological, immune, muscular and articular).

Once our extracts have been identified, we seek out the best available sources, using criteria of both quality and ethical responsibility. We believe that it is particularly important to offer organic products or those of guaranteed natural origin, which are controlled in our laboratories and do not contain pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Positioned as a global player in the field of dietary supplements, Green Ethnies offers a new way of viewing human activity in relation to our interactions with the planet: giving back to nature what we have taken from it. Thanks to our partnership with the AQUAVERDE association, we strive for the protection and reforestation of the primary Amazon rainforest. Through our commitment to action to protect nature, we aim to become an ethical and responsible force, and to raise public awareness.

By choosing Green Ethnies products, you are supporting a company whose fundamental values are based on the notion of sustainable, ethical and eco-responsible business.